Bugfixing - Terraria Prism Modding API

For my bugfix I went with a very simple change to the modding API for the game Terraria. I simply fixed some typos that existed in the current build although the API is somewhat outdated. I decided to go with this more simple bugfix because I was having some issues finding a repo that I could actually contribute something too and didn’t require 30+ hours of reading through code in order to understand how to perform a simple bugfix. This, along with my lack of knowledge of python or anything other than simple recreational applications kind of restricted the number of things I could even consider to bugfix. As to why I chose this specific one, I did it because I personally really enjoy Terraria and had some personal experience with the types of modding APIs that Prism says it is a successor of, namely tAPI although, this was a long time ago. Anyway here is the link to the pull request that I submitted https://github.com/TerrariaPrismTeam/Prism/pull/27 As this project has been somewhat discontinued due to the lack of any updates to the base game essentially eliminating the need to update this as well I couldn’t find anyone to contact to talk about the API, and considering how minimal my changes were I thought it wasn’t much of an issue.

Written on February 19, 2019