Dungeons & Dragons

I haven’t been exploring too much foss recently in lieu of looking a lot more into Dungeons and Dragons. Because of this I’ve been somewhat exploring the idea of some open source software being developed to help with the various aspects in the game, especially tools for Dungeon Masters to make their job a bit easier. To begin this search I looked for some existing programs that helped with a few of these aspects that already existed and were open source. The only one I really came across that aligned with some of the ideas that I had was Mipui. Mipui is an open source dungeon maker for Dungeons and Dragons that seems at least somewhat useful. It has a variety of functions but is somewhat limited in what shapes you can make on it, although it does align nicely for the 5x5 battle grid that D&D uses. In another vein I was also considering some programs to generate encounters, etc. and handle other small things like that. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do because it simply involves making a table of possible loot and then randomizing what is pulled from it. This is probably why I couldn’t find too many specific results when I looked for things of this nature; They ususally ended up just being small embeded apps with no real documentation. Anyways, I’m now looking into possibly making something like this that could possibly be an open source version of some of the existing apps in the google play store that help with things like tracking game stats.

Written on February 5, 2019