Lit Review 2

I’m going to talk about the first few sections of “Roads & Bridges” by Nadia Eghbal. I enjoyed most of the points that Eghbal brings up in these sections. After reading this I definitely appreciate open source software a little more than I have in the past, simply because it’s something that most people just don’t actively think about very often, similar to a point that Eghbal actually brings up. I agree with the xplaination of how difficult it is to maintain open software even when it is such a key tool for many different reasons, the main problem being the maintaining of the code. Although you can simply recruit volunteers to help maintain a code base, you tend to not be able to keep up with the demand. This is because the awareness of open source software is usually pretty low, and when it increases, the needs to maintain it increase as well, essentially canceling out the new influx of volunteers from the raised awareness. I also like that it was mentioned how much open source contributes to making coding available to so many more people. Many people may struggle to for example, make a game simply because they can’t aford certain frameworks that would save them months or years of work otherwise. With open source frameworks that provide a lot of functionality make it actually somewhat viable for people to just make a game for “fun” in their freetime, rather than having to construct an entire business and be forced to do it full time. The only problem I had was that I felt a lot of points were repeated a little too much for my taste at the very least, and I found myself reading the beginning of sections closely and then gradually skimming more and more as sections went on.

Written on February 12, 2019