Lit Review 3 - Possible Final?

This week I read the 4th grade section of the Mathematics Learning Standards for New York, for 2017.

In preparation for the final exam, I focused on looking for ideas for possible apps that would fit inside the given criteria. The 4th grade ciriculum boils down to really only 3 categories. Those categories are; Number and operations in Base Ten, Numbers and Operations - Fractions, and Geometry pertaining to two dimensional shapes. When reading just the first page I immediately thought of some sort of geometry game where you are given multiple shapes and have to identify which has ‘X’ amount of lines of symetry or something along to lines of what kind of angle is ‘35 degrees’ for example. So that is one possible idea for an app. Another, I’m sure isn’t that hard to do but might be a little boring, is something to do with the operations in base ten, which includes mostly and introduction to division and understanding the value of numbers in different places. This, while useful might be a bit dull to create so I am shying away from that one. Fractions on the other hand, while similar, could pretty easily be turned into a matching game as one of the points they mention is understanding some fractions such as 3/4 and 9/12 are equal.

Written on March 19, 2019